SDW Heroes #03 Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam

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Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam is the leader of the police special forces in The Neo-World Capital City. Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam commands the Verde Buster Team Members in his round-the-clock quest of maintaining justice. Sergeant Verde and the rest of the Buster Crew only deploy to deal with high-priority criminals and deal swift justice utilizing special weapons and equipment only available to them! These SD Gundam World Heroes model kits have made an excellent addition to the already massive catalog of SD Gundam models available here at Gundam Pros!

Included alongside the Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam for accessories:

  • EXT-Magnum LB
  • Justice Lock


The Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam’s posability is on-par with your average SD Gundam. Builders will find that the arms are not segmented, so there is no elbow articulation. The articulation in the legs is relatively basic, only providing a minimal amount of knee bend. The lack of posability helps Bandai reduce the piece count, and therefore keeps the price very competitive. Additionally, builders can replicate much of the accents on this model kit with foil stickers, a staple of Bandai’s SD models. The sheer volume of surface detail on the Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam lends itself to experiments with hand-painting techniques and masking alike!

Weapons and Other Notable Attributes 

The Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam’s primary weapon is the EXT-Magnum LB, a unique weapon only available to elite members of the police force. According to the manual, the EXT-Magnum LB can change between firing standard beams and scattershot rounds at the flip of a switch! Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam also carries a set of Justice Locks at all times. The Justice Locks clip into Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam’s front skirt when not in use. When apprehending a target, Sergeant Verde combines the two halves to create a set of handcuffs strong enough to hold even the most powerful villains! In extreme scenarios, Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam can call the Police Chief for permission to sortie with the Full Package equipment found in the SDW Heroes Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam DX Set.

This kit includes:

7 Runners total (A, B, F, G1, G2, H, I)
Total Piece Count – 54 with 2 Unused Parts
Foil Stickers
Materials – PS

Additional Fun information

Inspiration: GAT-X103AP Verde Buster Gundam
Scale: N/A
Grade: Super Deformed
Completed Model Height: 4.5 inches
Original Release Date: Apr 2021
Gundam Series: SD Gundam World Heroes

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