RG Evangelion Unit 03 The Enchanted Shield of Virtue Set


The RG Evangelion Unit 03 The Enchanted Shield of Virtue Set is the latest Evangelion design reimagined by Bandai. The Evangelion Unit 03 appears in the original Neon Genesis Evangelion anime and the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series under slightly different circumstances. The designers of the RG Evangelion Unit 03 based its appearance and silhouette on the Rebuild of Evangelion designs, providing a more slender frame and narrower shoulders than their anime counterparts. The Evangelion Unit 03, in particular, also receives a minor update to its color scheme. NERV constructed the Evangelion Unit 03 at their second North American Branch, located in Massachusetts, USA (perhaps built on the grounds where a particular Gunpla retailer once resided centuries prior). After the North American Branch suffered a catastrophic failure while testing Evangelion Unit 04, NERV shipped Evangelion Unit 03 to their headquarters in Japan for further testing, leading to its appearance in the main plot of the anime and movie franchise. Much like Evangelion Unit 02, Evangelion 03 is a full production model for combating the onslaught of Angel attacks plaguing the Earth. However, due to the events of the Ninth Angel Attack (the Thirteenth Angel in the original anime), Evangelion 03’s combat potential remains largely unknown.

Included alongside the Evangelion 03 for accessories:

  • Pallet Rifle
  • Progressive Knife x2
  • Progressive Knife (folded) x2
  • Entry Plug
  • Umbilical Cable
  • Evangelion Optical System Protective Cover x2
  • Enhanced Shield of Virtue
  • Stand for Enhanced Shield of Virtue


The Evangelion Unit 03 shares its excellent design with the rest of the RG Evangelion lineup. This line provides a stellar recreation of Hideaki Anno’s gigantic mechs, embodying the excitement of Neon Genesis Evangelion with a realistic take on these fantastical designs. Evangelion Unit 03 will look dynamic in any pose you could imagine, thanks to the placement of articulation points throughout the model. The surplus of articulated sections provides Evangelion Unit 03 with armor sliding gimmicks in its forearms and legs, showcasing Bandai’s attention to detail.

Weapons and Other Notable Attributes 

The strangest aspect of the RG Evangelion Unit 03 is the inclusion of the Enhanced Shield of Virtue alongside it. This equipment appeared and was taken out of commission long before Evangelion Unit 03 arrived in Japan. As mentioned on the box, Bandai did not provide the Enhanced Shield of Virtue for use with Evangelion 03. Its intended purpose was to supply builders who’ve purchased the RG Evangelion Unit-00 DX Positron Cannon Set and the RG Evangelion Unit 01 with the shield to recreate Operation Yashima after almost two years of waiting following the release of the Positron Cannon Set. Besides the Enhanced Shield of Virtue, RG Evangelion Unit 03 includes the same standard Evangelion weapons you’d find in previous releases.  

This kit includes:

26 Runners total (A, B, C, D, E, F1, G1, G2, H1, H2, I1, I2, J, K, L, N, O, AE1, AH, XH1, XH2, XI1, XI2, XJ1, XJ2, R2)
Total Piece Count – 309 with 34 Unused Parts
Marking Stickers
Materials – PS

Additional Fun information

Pilot(s): Asuka Shikinami Langley/Toji Suzuhara
Unit Type: Production/Combat Type
Code name: Evangelion Unit 3
Overall Height: 42.7(140ft)[approximation]
Manufacturer: NERV

Scale: N/A
Grade: Real Grade
Completed Model Height: 175mm(6.9in)
Original Release Date: Dec 2021
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rebuild of Evangelion
Mechanical Designer: Ikuto Yamashita

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By implementing the technique of Top Coating, you can do a great deal to help preserve the longevity of your models. This process will protect the original plastic of your model kit and prepare it for any additional modeling techniques to follow.

You can drastically improve your results by making the details pop on the Evangelion Unit-03 with Panel Lining. The simplest solution for this is Gundam Markers or Tamiya Panel Line Fluid. Making your own panel wash is always a great option too! It is always recommended to Topcoat with clear gloss beforehand, as some of the products commonly used for Panel Lining will degrade the untreated plastics over time.

Another way to keep adding detail is by applying Stickers/Marking DecalsTop Coating before application will help decals stick to the surface much better. Using Top Coat after application will help hide the seams on traditional sticker decals as well as waterslides. This additional step will also keep them from peeling over time. Using Decals is a great way to add an even greater level of detail to your scale models.

General Safety Warning:

Suitable Age: 8+

Assembly required. Snap together, no glue needed.

Products shown in photos may have been professionally painted or computer rendered images. They may differ from the actual product.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD, Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


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