N3 Gloss Red Acrysion Mr Hobby 10ml Bottle

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N3 Gloss Red Acrysion is a game-changing paint that can double for both brush and airbrush painting. Unlike vinyl acrylic paints, N3 Gloss Red acrysion does not clog airbrushes and allows you to paint complicated camouflages without cleaning the nozzle every few minutes. Acrysion paint gives a varnish covering that is both robust and resistant to scratches and masking with tapes.

Acrysion is a new line of water-based, environmentally friendly, and water-soluble acrylic paints. Because the drying speed is faster than standard conventional water-based hobby colors, work productivity does increase. While you can use faucet water to dilute the paint, we recommend using Mr. Acrysion’s specific thinner to keep 100% of the original N3 Gloss Red paint performance.

When applying with a brush, 1 to 2 applications are adequate. However, if using an airbrush, two to three applications are recommended.

If using an airbrush, dilute it in a 1: 1 or 1: 1.5 ratio with Mr. Acrysion Thinner (T-302 110ml or T-303 250ml).

They are suitable for usage on plastic, paper, metal, and ceramics.

1. Stir well before use.

2. Using a brush or an airbrush, apply the paint to the prepped, cleaned, and degreased surface. You may use water as a diluent. However, we recommend that you use the original Mr. Hobby solvent – Acrysion Solvent – for the best results.

3. After drying, paint the whole surface with a colorless varnish to seal the paint layer and ready the model for decal installation.

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