MSG Weapon Unit 10 Multiple Shield

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MSG Weapon Unit 10 Multiple Shield Product specifications;

The shield body is composed of multiple armor plates and can be used for other than hand-held shields by removing them from the base.

Two grips are included, so they can be used separately from small shields.

The small Gatling gun that can be attached to the back of the shield can be changed to a pile bunker by replacing the tip.

Of course, it has a 3mm diameter shaft so it can be mounted on optional Frame Arms or Hexa Gear.

The movable part of the shield can be bent to protect the side. In addition, it is possible to use it as a small shield by removing the armor plate from the moving part and combining it with another type of base.

The included handgun and knife can be attached to a Frame Arms Girl or Megami Device.

In addition, by using a special attachment, it can be installed in places with 3mm diameter holes.

Grip comes with two types of L-shaped grip and sandwiched auxiliary grip.

The L-shaped grip has a movable shaft built into the base to improve the freedom of posing. By using the auxiliary clip together with the L-shape, more stable holding is possible.


  • Multiple Shield Body
  • Small Gatling Gun
  • Replacement Pile Bunker Parts
  • Hand Gun
  • Knife
  • Handgun & Knife Attachment × 2
  • 3mm Diameter Joint × 2
  • Base Part for Small Shield
  • L-shaped Grip × 2
  • Auxiliary Clip × 2


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