MSG Weapon Unit 08EX Battle Lance

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MSG Weapon Unit 08EX Battle Lance

A special specification that changes the molding color of the large battle [Battle Lance] that can select two types of tip to Gunmetal & Gold has appeared.

In the special edition, the silver molding part has been changed to gold and the body molding color has been changed from dark gray to gunmetal!

The cone-shaped tip is gold molded, and the base and armor parts are gunmetal molded to create a nice-looking finish.

In addition to a movable gimmick, the grip part has a mechanism for increasing the holding power, allowing a wide range of ways to enjoy it.

The shield attached to the side can be removed.

[Product specifications]

Two types of tips are included: simple [cone type] and [bayone type], which can be used according to your favorite style.

The main grip provided in the grip unit is equipped with a movable gimmick, and the way it is held can be changed.

The connecting part of the rod part is 3mm and can be removed and used.

The side shield is flexible at the base and increases the range of posing. In addition, it has become a specification that can be used on either side by recombination.

You can also remove the shield and enjoy it as a shield for Frame Arms Girl and Hexagear Governor.

The cover part on the side of the main grip can be moved to increase the holding power of the model. Cover parts can be used on either side by recombination.


  • Tip cone type x 1 set
  • Tip bayonet-type × 1
  • Grip unit x 1
  • Rod parts × 1
  • Shield unit x 1
  • Shield grip parts (for Frame Arms Girl & Governor) x 1
  • Cover parts x 1 set

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