MSG Weapon Unit 07 Twin Link Magnum

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Weapon Unit 07 Instead of the double submachine gun (discontinued), the lineup is the Twin Link Magnum, which combines two types of hand guns into a single gun.
The magazine part can be removed. Two types of muzzle parts to be used at the time of coalescence are attached, and you can play with your favorite shape.


[Product Specifications]
■ The basic form Twin Ring Magnum can be obtained by combining two types of hand guns, A type and B type.
■ Two types of muzzle parts are included when united, and you can select your favorite shape.
■ The magazine part can be removed from each of the two types of hand guns, A type and B type, and if you use rail parts for B type, you can attach the attached combat knife and enjoy it as a bayonet form.
In addition, combat knives can actually be attached to products such as Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl.
■ The grip part is movable, and you can angle it according to the model you have. Short grips with different grip lengths are included, allowing you to select the grip length.
■ It is molded in two colors, light gray and dark gray, and the finish is close to the image just by assembling.

■ Hand gun A type x 1
■ Hand gun B type x 1
■ Magazine x 2
■ Muzzle parts for coalescence A x 1
■ Muzzle parts for coalescence B x 1
■ Rail parts x 1
■ Combat knife x 1
■ Short type Grip parts A x 1
■ Short type grip parts B x 1

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