MG Strike Rouge + Ootori

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Following in the footsteps of the Aile Strike Gundam, the Strike Rogue is remastered (Ver.RM), giving the kit a more streamlined look and wide range of motion. Introduced in the HD Remaster of M.S.G.: SEED Destiny, the Ootori Striker Pack was designed by master mechanical designer Kunio Okawara. An Integrated Weapon Striker Pack, the Ootori is full of gimmicks

Ootori Striker Pack wings expand into a characteristic “X” shape, and tail can be folded. Missile Launcher is mounted over the left shoulder. Dedicated Stand to help reenact arial action poses is included. IWSP EW454F Ootori Pack is separable from the Strike Rogue, and includes a transformation gimmick to shift into flight mode. The MBF-02 Strike Rouge has been equipped with the IWSP (Integrated Weapon Strike Pack) Ootori Striker for maximum offensive output! Designed with an aerodynamic profile, advanced propulsion system and a full arsenal. Railgun, Beam Launcher, Missile Pod and Anti-Ship Sword.

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MBF-02 + EW454F Strike Rouge Ootori is another variant of the MBF-02 Strike Rouge. In his story, this unit was piloted by Cagalli and this unit appeared exclusively in his series on the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster.

Following in the footsteps of the Aile Strike kit that appeared in the RM (remastered) version, Strike Rouge also comes in the RM version with broader articulation with good detail. Strike Rouge comes with the EW454F Ootori Striker pack, a flight unit installed in the backpack section. The Ootori Striker pack itself can be transformed into fighter mode to bring weapons from the Strike Rouge itself.

This Set Includes;

  • 57mm High-Energy Beam Rifle
  • Anti-Beam Shield
  • Armor Schneider (knife) x 2
  • Beam Sabers x 2
  • Ootori Striker Pack
  • Dedicated Stand (for poses)


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