MG OZ-00MS Tallgeese EW

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The most powerful of all the OZ Mobile Suits, the Tallgeese is presented here for the first time as a Master Grade kit! – Re-interpreted by master designer Hajime Katoki as displayed in Endless Waltz, the Tallgeese, a Suit numbering among the most powerful in the After Colony timeline is finally recreated as an Mg. Designed with a complex inner frame as befitting a Master Grade Suit, this model is also equipped with a set of original marking decals created by Mr. Katoki. Reproduction of Inner Frame Inner frame is completely recreated- the Leo-style internal cameras, chest ducts, and structure are precisely reproduced. Deployment of back thrusters Backpack thrusters are jointed for maneuverability and can be opened or closed for a variety of poses. Deployment of lumbar thruster Rear skirt thrusters equipped with deployment gimmick to enhance the action potential of this kit. Dover Gun A first for a Gundam model, the Dober Gun is equipped with a blowback gimmick activated by pulling back the bolt.

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1 review for MG OZ-00MS Tallgeese EW

  1. Spectrum (verified owner)


    The Tallgeese is my favorite MS from Wing, due to its design and how sleek it is. Essentially it is a MG LEO with modications to make it a proto-gundam suit, so that makes it PERFECT. The posing it so good, the jet pack moves so well.

    The only down side is you need latches on the shoulder pads to pose the rifle better, but other than the build is great, it stays upright without a stand, but it can look amazing. Get it if you love Wing, or if you just love the design. one of my favorite MGs

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