MG MS-09 Dom

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1 review for MG MS-09 Dom

  1. jmc (verified owner)

    The 2022 revisions of the Dom and Rick Dom were masterful strokes of genius from Bandai and I’m happy they did it. The Dom/Rick Dom kits that they released so many years ago were perfectly good, but the modernization effort has reinvigorated them to a modern era. I hope this becomes a consistent pattern for Bandai because some of those earlier kits were hitting home runs in terms of proportions and styling, and yet it was the technology of the time that impeded their lifespan. There’s an entire back catalog of Master Grades that would benefit enormously from retrofitting.

    As for the Dom itself: again, it’s solid. I love the styling, I love the balance of panel lines versus flat areas, I love the weapons load out, and most importantly I love the modern upgrades. The shoulder and hip fixes alone make this a worthwhile purchase. Between the Dom and Rick Dom, probably only the seam lines on the weapons stand as objectively clear detracting points. You might also be divided on the hands, which comes down to preference more than anything.

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