MG Gundam Dynames

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The first non-Exia variant Gundam in the Master Grade line, and it’s the ever-popular Dynames! From Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Gundam Dynames will finally appear in MG with completely new modeling! – Expanded the stand of the GN Sniper rifle, and you can reproduce the stance of [sniper] which hides the main body to the ground. Head gimmicks corresponding to snipe pose movements, posing tension due to the leg joint structure can be reproduced. Reproduce the deployment of GN full shield. Opening and closing of signal bullets and deployment of GN thruster Gimmicks unique to MG are installed Included


  • GN Sniper Rifle × 1
  • GN Beam Pistol & Holster × 2
  • GN beam sabel × 2
  • GN shield × 2
  • GN full shield × 2

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1 review for MG Gundam Dynames

  1. Christopher Staples (verified owner)

    An outstanding kit. First mg kit I ever built and was easier to put together than some of my rg kits. Cant wait to get an led unit for it. Got a tip for new builders, be careful building the pistols for him, the small clear plastic piece used in them are very easy to lose if dropped.

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