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Marking the completion of the MG SEED Remaster Project: The original Aile Strike Gundam! Following the release of the Duel Gundam Assault Shroud, Aegis Gundam, Buster Gundam and Blitz Gundam, the four SEED Remaster Gundams last year, and using feedback about the technologies and concept designs used, the GAT-X frame is recreated here in high definition! Designed following the newer proportions, this MG reflects the sort of forward-thinking redesigns that characterise the MG series.

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GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam is the Gundam that appears in the Gundam Seed series. This Gundam is famous for its ability to switch weapons, with 3 kinds of supporting units: Aile Striker, Launcher Pack and Sword Pack.

This set presents the Aile Strike Gundam with an updated GAT-X frame, so the details and articulation are fairly excellent. This set includes Aile Striker which you can attach to the backpack section. Then, what about the Launcher Pack and the Sword Pack? Both of them you can combine from [MG] Launcher / Sword Strike Gundam, without needing to hesitate anymore because you can install them with precision without the hassle.

Another unique thing in this set, you will get a large and attractive dedicated stand that you can use to be creative with Aile Strike Gundam.

This Set Includes;

  • Aile Strike Pack
  • Beam Rifle
  • Beam Sabers x 2
  • Shield
  • Armor Schenider (knife) x 2
  • 4 pilot figures (Kira Yamato stands and sits, Mu La Flaga stands and sits)


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