HGGBB #06 Gundam Barbataurus

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The Gundam Barbataurus is one of very few quadrupedal Mobile Suits seen in any Gundam Franchise and is easily the coolest of them all! This Gundam looks as evil as they come, sporting a dark blue and red color scheme to match its sharp and angular design motifs. Kentaro Mahara, the builder of this Gunpla, drew inspiration from the Gundam Kimaris Trooper’s “Trooper Form,” which separates the legs into four separate hover units for prolonged combat. The Gundam Barbataurus’s centaur-like appearance represents the concept of Jinba Ittai, the feeling of oneness between a rider and their horse. The Gundam Barbataurus is the perfect choice for any builder looking to spice up their display with something truly unique, so be sure to get one while they’re available!

Alongside the Gundam Barbataurus, builders will find:

  • Twin Blade x2 (Combined to form the Rouse Dainsleif Bow)
  • Tachi Longsword
  • Alloy Arrow


In terms of construction, the Gundam Barbataurus consists mainly of components from the original Gundam Barbatos and about half of an additional Barbatos. If you’ve got some experience building HGIBO model kits, this should snap together in no time! The design allows for the back half of the Barbataurus to separate from the Gundam to create a menacing bipedal version of Barbatos and take better advantage of the HGGBB line’s unique customization. This line incorporates the customization system found in the Gundam Breaker Mobile mobile game, which breaks down the Mobile Suits into five major components. The attachment points for these components are shared across the lineup, allowing builders to customize their HGGBB model kit with ease, just like in the game! To use other HGGBB backpacks with the Barbataurus, Bandai included an adapter to connect to the IBO style frame.

Weapons and Other Notable Attributes 

Like the final version of Barbatos, the Barbatos Lupus Rex, the Gundam Barbataurus utilizes a thought-controlled cable weapon, serving as the unit’s tail. This Tail Blade extends to pierce enemy Mobile Suits at the command of the pilot. The Twin Blades also serve as handguns via a simple reconfiguration and attach to the Gundam’s midsection for storage. Bandai included a brilliant transparent red lightning effect to recreate the Bow’s electric string. The arrow features a dedicated grip, which makes displaying the Gundam Barbataurus as it launches its most powerful attack a breeze!

 This kit includes:

10 Runners total (A1[x2], A2[x2], B, F, G1, G2, PC002[x2])
Total Piece Count – 199 with 34 Unused Parts
Foil Stickers
Materials – PS, PE, PVC

Additional Fun information

Builder/Pilot(s): Kentaro Mahara
Model number: ASW-G-08-4X4
Code name: Gundam Barbataurus
Overall Height: 21.3m(69.9ft)
Inspiration: Gundam BarbatosKimaris Trooper

Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade
Completed Model Height:
Original Release Date: Nov 2021
Gundam Series: Gundam Breaker Battlogue

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HGGBB #06 Gundam Barbataurus

By implementing the technique of Top Coating, you can do a great deal to help preserve the longevity of your models. This process will protect the original plastic of your model kit and prepare it for any additional modeling techniques to follow.

You can drastically improve your results by making the details pop on the Gundam Barbataurus with Panel Lining. The simplest solution for this is Gundam Markers or Tamiya Panel Line Fluid. Making your own panel wash is always a great option too! It is always recommended to Topcoat with clear gloss beforehand, as some of the products commonly used for Panel Lining will degrade the untreated plastics over time.

Another way to keep adding detail is by applying Stickers/Marking DecalsTop Coating before the application will help decals stick to the surface much better. Using Top Coat after application will help hide the seams on traditional sticker decals as well as waterslides. This additional step will also keep them from peeling over time. Using Decals is a great way to add an even greater level of detail to your scale models.

General Safety Warning:

Suitable Age: 8+

Assembly required. Snap together, no glue needed.

Products shown in photos may have been professionally painted or computer rendered images. They may differ from the actual product.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD, Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

1 review for HGGBB #06 Gundam Barbataurus

  1. DarthUrsus (verified owner)

    Great unique kit with a lot of pose options. Comes with several weapon options as well. As mentioned in the instructions this is a combination of the Barbatos and Kimaris Trooper frames so if you have built either of those before it should feel pretty familiar.

    Main issue is the joint looseness found in a lot of IBO based kits. The ankle and hip joints on the front legs are particularly loose and will likely require using some topcoat to bulk out the joints. As is, the front legs tend to splay out making the model fall forward when standing on a smooth surface.

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