Dspiae DB-22 Tungsten Steel Drill Bit 2.2mm

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Dspiae DB-22 Tungsten Steel Drill Bit 2.2mm

Note: (Please read carefully before use.)
1: The drilling bit is thin and sharp, so children under the age of
14 are not allowed to touch it to avoid injury.
2: DO not throw, bend or strike the drilling bit, or else the drilling bit may become broken and will not work as intended.
3: Since the drilling bit is thin, improper operation may cause it to become broken and unusable.
4: Long-term excessive use will cause the drilling bit difficult to drill, blunting, and wear out. If any of the above situations occur, please replace with a new drilling bit timely, to avoid impact on the processing effect.
5: When installing the drilling bit to the handle jigs, please tighten clamping screws timely to prevent the bit from falling and causing damage.

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