DSPIAE Carving Guide Tape 8MM x 30M

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The high transparency and eco-friendly PET material are adopted as the base material so that the condition of grooves can be easily observed in the carving process.

DSPIAE Carving Guide Tape 8MM x 30M has its unique technology that can print graduations on the surface of the tape at intervals of 1 mm, which is convenient for positioning during the carving. Acrylic adhesive is used as the adhesive material to paste the tape firmly, and there will be no residue when the tape is removed.

Double layer hot-melt, the printing scale line is placed between the bottom layer and the top layer of the tape, and then the two layers of tape are fused into one through the unique hot-melt bonding technology so that the scale line will not fall off and will not be affected by external forces.

The curving process will be more effective if tapes of different sizes are used in combination.

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