Gundam Pros Private Warehouse Equals FREE Shipping


This isn’t your ordinary Private Warehouse. Once you place an order on Gundam Pros, you have the option to add it to a private warehouse instead of having it shipped. Place many orders like that and once the total hits 150 dollars or more we will ship it out to you for free.

An Example;

Think of the private warehouse as a revolving door. There’s no limit as to how many times you can use it. It’s just that once orders hit 150 dollars, they will ship. Then your following order, if you’d like, could be put into the private warehouse.

So, for example;

Order 1, placed on January 12th, the total was 42$

Order 2, placed on January 18th, the total was 36$

Order 3, placed on February 7th, the total was 58$

Order 4, placed on February 9th, the total was 29$

The grand total of those four orders would add up to 165, so with that knowledge, we would ship those orders to you free of charge.

Then the procedure is repeated, allowing order number five into the private warehouse.

With this method, our warehouse will never have stagnated private warehouses as they would always ship at the Free shipping threshold.

Q & A

  1. Is there a time limit on how long my private warehouse can be stored in the warehouse?

Ans. No limit, If for some reason there is a 6-month gap and we haven’t heard or seen an order from you an email will be sent to see if you want it shipped.

  1. If I placed 2 orders and I’m ready to place a third and know my total won’t hit 150 out of the three orders can I pay for shipping and have them all shipped?

Ans. Yes, of course. You may pay for shipping anytime. At checkout just leave us a note to include all your private warehouses and we will ship them out to you.