Announcing Polycap Points

Polycap Points

Buying Gunpla is now a better value when you add rewards. Gundam Pros has added Polycap Points to its website, allowing you to earn them when you buy your favorite kits, tools, and accessories. Signing up for a new account earns you 25 points!

Today, we are introducing the Gundam Pros Polycap Points System. As a result this will help our customers save money on future orders.

How do I get them?

There are a few ways to earn rewards:

  • Become a Member of the Site  You will get 25 Polycap Points by directly opening an account.
  • Purchases – usually grant 1 Polycap per $1 spent, but we may run special offers where some products earn more points. All products now clearly show how many Polycap Points you can earn from making a purchase.
  • Writing Product Reviews – If you purchased a kit, tool, or accessory and would love to leave a review. You would earn 10 Polycaps
  • Referrals Codes – can be found in your account tab. From there, you can create a referral link and send it to friends. When your friend makes their first order, you will receive 50 Polycap Points. (coming soon)

What do they do?

Your points may be redeemed for money off any purchase you make on the website. At checkout, 100 Polycap Points equals a $2.50 discount.

Can you combine Reward Points and other discount codes on a single purchase?

Polycap Points, however, cannot be used with any other discount codes, discounts, or limited-time promotional offers.

Do Reward Points accumulated ever expire?

The Polycaps you earn do not have an expiration date at this time. Any accumulated points will be monitored and saved in the My Account dashboard. Gundam Pros retains the right, at any time and without notice, to alter the Polycap Points program, including the application of expiration dates.

Do I have to redeem all of my points at once?

You are not required to. If you have 200 points, and you only redeem 100 of them, that would leave you with a balance of 100 points to utilize at a later date.